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Kaz ohta headshot Release Note 20161001 is now available Oct 1st, 2016
  • Console: Browser Push Notification in Query Editor
  • Console: Copy to Clipboard Button in Query Editor
  • Collection: td-agent v2.3.3
  • Collection: Data Connector for Intercom
  • Collection: Data Connector for Shopify
  • Collection: Data Connector for Amplitude
  • Collection: Support Incremental Loading for MySQL / PostgreSQL / Redshift / SFTP / Google Cloud Storage
  • Output: Result Output to FTPS
  • Presto: Upgraded to 0.152
  • CLI: --domain-key option support for td query command
  • Client: Java Client Library v0.7.28
  • Client: Python Client Library v0.6.0
Kaz ohta headshot Release Note 20160901 Sep 1st, 2016
  • Collection: Connector UI
  • Authentication: Google Authentication
  • Collection: Data Connector for Facebook Ads
  • Presto, Hive: TD_PARSE_AGENT UDF
  • Output: Result Output to Tableau now supports Tableau 10